The magic of Wadi Rum desert

Jordan has a lot to offer to everyone. We shared our top 7 of Jordan’s gems with you in a previous blog. Today we write a blog about the magic of Wadi Rum desert. Because that is what Wadi Rum desert is, a magical place. Once you turn off the desert highway at the Al-Rushdiyye junction and head for Wadi Rum desert you can already feel that you go to an extraordinary place. After a beautiful 30 minute drive you arrive in our village, Rum village. The last frontier… Once you leave Rum village there are no more villages and no more sealed roads. Only tracks leading into the desert. Although you can only understand the magic ones you have been here, we will try to describe what unique combination of elements makes our desert such a magical place.

Stunning beauty of nature

Wadi Rum desert is a place like no other. The moonlike landscape looks unearthly. Ancient valleys with petroglyphs and inscriptions in many places are telling you stories about times long passed. Birds of prey soaring the breath-taking towering red cliffs. Vast sandy plains dotted with desert plants. Narrow gorges providing heavenly shadow on a hot summer day. Beautifully sculptured rock formations and natural arches. High sand dunes and mountains offering impressive desert views. And a desert floor filled with tracks. Not only from our jeeps’ tires. But also from a wide variety of animals that call our desert their home. Our desert is a surprisingly colourful place with whites, yellows, reds, greens, browns and black. Sunset and sunrise both are a dazzling feast of changing colours. And at night you can enjoy the scenic starry night sky. And when the moon is waxing, the nightly desert transforms into a romantic, fairy-tale landscape. The beauty of nature here is unlimited and overwhelming. It makes you feel small and insignificant.

Power of the elements

Nowadays most people live in an artificial world. During winter heaters keep the houses and offices warm and air conditioning keeps the summer heat outside. And when traveling between buildings the climate controlled cars protect you from sun, rain and wind. In an artificial world you need to pay special attention to make sure you connect with nature and the elements. Only then you can feel the freedom it can provide you. In the desert the artificial world seems unbelievable far away. We live our lives in the natural rhythm and cycles of nature. We experience the power of elements every day. We feel the heat of the burning sun. We let the dry wind sweep through our hair. We go out to dance in the rain. And we feel our hands get cold while preparing yet another snowball. Experiencing the elements connects us to nature. It makes you feel relaxed, balanced and free.

A place of true silence

Radios and TV’s blaring, ringing phones, talking people, barking dogs, passing cars, flying aircrafts, humming machines, etc., etc. Noise seems to be everywhere and always. When you come to Wadi Rum desert you will discover that there still are places where you can experience complete silence. In the desert, far away from civilisation, you can enjoy the blessing of complete silence. A powerful silence that is only broken by the noise of your breathing or a bird chirping. It has an energy to it like no other source. It has the power to get you to think and to act. It can help you slow you mind down. It gives you the opportunity to connect to the world in a different way and to self-reflect.

Experience the blessing Bedouin life

Wadi Rum desert is one of these places where you can escape the modern, civilised world. In our vast desert our dams, tents and cars are the only signs of active human presence. Being in the desert can feels like returning to the old times. Especially since you will be ‘out of the connection’. No signal means no phone, no email, no calendar, no social media and ultimate no distraction.

Bedouin life has always been about surviving in the desert. The desert is a harsh and inhospitable place. To survive we needed to stick to certain core rules and values. Although live changed we still stick to the same rules and values. While being here you will experience Bedouin life yourself. You will learn about our way of life and our culture. We will tell you about our core values; hospitality, generosity and solidarity. And how these values define who we are and how we operate. You will experience the true meaning of Ahlan wa Sahlan.

Come and join us for a tour through our desert and experience the magic yourself!

See you in Wadi Rum desert,